20 Places to Find Free Images for Your Website

free images for website
free images for website

Grab a newspaper and flip to any page. What’s the first thing you noticed?

I bet you it was an image. The visual interest immediately grabs your attention and keeps you looking at the page longer.

The same thing happens when someone visits your website. People prefer pictures over text and images help grab their attention and keep them on your site longer.

Two problems:

  • It’s hard to find non-sucky free images online.
  • People keep using the same, generic stock photos all over the web.

Here are 20 places to find free images for your website. I’ve included some options that are a little off the beaten path so that your website doesn’t drown in the sea of sameness.

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Defeat Writer’s Block With This Blog Post Ideas Generator

blog post ideas generator
blog post ideas generator

You know you should be blogging. It helps drive traffic to your website, demonstrates your expertise and gives you free market research (blog comments are golden nuggets of information).

The problem is you’re already doing EVERYTHING—coaching, marketing, social media, networking, accounting. It takes a while to write blog posts and you never know what to write about anyways.

You pour a fresh cup of coffee and sit down at your computer with good intentions, ready to kick some blog ass. Two hours later, you’re still staring at the computer screen with no idea what to write about. Argh!

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