20 Places to Find Free Images for Your Website

Grab a newspaper and flip to any page. What's the first thing you noticed? I bet you it was an image. The visual interest immediately grabs your attention and keeps you looking at the page longer. The same thing happens when someone visits your website. People prefer pictures over text and images help grab their attention and [...]

How to Sell Online Without a Website

You need a website to get clients online. But getting a website takes a lot of work. You have to figure out what you need on your website, and then write all the website copy. Then it'll take a designer + developer another 6-8 weeks to create your site (even longer if you do it yourself). [...]

Should I Show Prices on My Website?

This is an age old dilemma for service-based businesses. Should you show prices on your website? Or should you only reveal them after a potential client contacts you? Yes, you should show prices on your website. Whoa there. I expected a few protests, but you took eye rolling and pssshhh-ing to a whole other level. I like the [...]

Stop Trying to Attract Everyone to Your Website

You're rocking that side hustle like a boss. You got yourself a website and have been promoting the hell out of it. Your hard work is paying off and your website traffic is increasing. But those new website visitors aren't doing anything. They're not signing up for your newsletter. They're not scheduling a free consultation. They're not [...]

What is a website conversion rate?

Let's start by defining conversion. A conversion is when a visitor completes a specific action that you want them to take on your website. Conversions can be many things depending on your website goals. It could be signing up for your newsletter, making a purchase, scheduling a consultation, or something else entirely. For example, if [...]

How to Add Your Website to Google

After spending all that time and money on your website, you want people to find it online, right? Duh, you didn't do all that for nothing. Most people will find your sweet new website through an online search. Hello, Google, you cute little search engine, you. How does Google know to include your website in search results? Google sends a spider [...]

Make Your Website Your Best Employee

Your website should be your #1 employee. While you're busy doing a million other things for your business, your website is bringing in new clients, telling them how awesome you are, answering their questions, publishing blog posts, launching new products and closing sales. In other words, your website should be working its ass off 24/7. [...]

Stop Welcoming Website Visitors. Do this Instead.

Do you have a welcome message like this on your homepage? "Welcome to my website. Please look around and enjoy your visit." Tough love time. That website welcome message needs to go. I know you wrote that welcome message to be warm, welcoming and friendly. Despite your best intentions, it doesn't have that effect on [...]