How to Avoid Disaster When Updating WordPress

updating wordpress
how to avoid disaster when updating wordpress

I recently got this frantic email about updating WordPress.

I just updated my website to the latest version of WordPress and my entire site is GONE. My website is a blank white page and I can’t access the admin. Help!

A lot of people are scared to update their WordPress site because they’ve heard horror stories like this. While things can occasionally go wrong during an update, it’s not the norm.

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How to Add Your Website to Google

how to add your website to google
how to add your website to google

After spending all that time and money on your website, you want people to find it online, right? Duh, you didn’t do all that for nothing.

Most people will find your sweet new website through an online search. Hello, Google, you cute little search engine, you.

How does Google know to include your website in search results?

Google sends a spider called Googlebot to crawl around the web collecting data. Googlebot visits a bunch of different web pages and, if it finds links on those pages, goes and visits those linked pages too.

While it’s adventuring around the web, Googlebot makes a note of new websites and changes to existing websites. It also scans each page and, based on the words it finds, makes a note of what each page is about.

Googlebot comes home and hands over all that data to Google like a good little spider. Google updates its search index with the data. Then, when someone does a search, Google searches its massive index for matching pages and displays the most relevant pages in the search results.

Your website only appears in search results if Google knows it exists.

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