Should I Show Prices on My Website?

should i show prices on my website
should i show prices on my website

This is an age old dilemma for service-based businesses. Should you show prices on your website? Or should you only reveal them after a potential client contacts you?

Yes, you should show prices on your website.

Whoa there. I expected a few protests, but you took eye rolling and pssshhh-ing to a whole other level. I like the cut of your jib.

Here are some reasons why you might think it’s better to hide your prices:
  • Sticker Shock: You don’t want to scare potential clients off before you have a chance to speak with them and demonstrate your value.
  • Variable Prices: Your prices vary depending on the project. You need to actually speak to the person and get more information to determine the cost.
  • Competition: Your competition doesn’t publish their prices. You don’t want to be put at a disadvantage by displaying yours.

Now it’s my turn to throw you some serious side eye. Let’s address each of those objections.

Sticker Shock

How many hours have you wasted talking to potential clients, only to have them disappear when you finally tell them your prices? A better approach would be to let your website do that work for you. Showing prices on your website immediately weeds out people who can’t afford you.

Yes, the value of your services is more than a number. But the bottom line is, if someone doesn’t have the money they’re not going to hire you, no matter how much value they see in your services. And that’s okay. You want to work with people who not only see the value in your work, but can also afford to pay you.

Showing prices on your website saves you time, it saves them time, and eliminates the need for that awkward initial price conversation. It allows you to focus on the value you provide and the benefits they’ll get from your service.

Variable Prices

For many service-based businesses, the price varies for each project depending on the amount of work involved. You can’t give a price until you actually talk to the potential client about the project, and even then it might be an hourly rate that’s still going to vary once you start the actual work.

Having variable prices doesn’t mean you can’t publish any prices on your website. You probably have a minimum starting price, right? You also have an average price range based on your previous jobs. So you can show a minimum price and/or average price range on your website.


Yes, your competition will see your prices. So what?!

It’s your business. What your competitors do is up to them. Your time and energy is better spent focusing on your own business, not worrying about someone else’s.

Showing prices on your website can set you apart from your competition.

Consumers include the price as part of their purchase decisions. If they can’t find any price information on a website, they usually assume it’s too expensive and move on. So if you list your prices on your website, but your competitors don’t, potential clients are more likely to contact you instead of them.

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