Stop Trying to Attract Everyone to Your Website

Stop trying to attract everyone to your website. Do this instead.
Stop trying to attract everyone to your website. Do this instead.

You’re rocking that side hustle like a boss. You got yourself a website and have been promoting the hell out of it. Your hard work is paying off and your website traffic is increasing.

But those new website visitors aren’t doing anything.

They’re not signing up for your newsletter. They’re not scheduling a free consultation. They’re not buying your ebook. They’re not completing any of your website goals.

The problem?

Your website shouldn’t attract everyone.

You have a specific group of people that you want to work with—your target audience. You might call it a niche, ideal customer, tribe, whatever. The point is, these are your people, the people you most want to work with.

Your website exists to attract your people and convert them into paying clients. Anyone not in your target audience can show themselves the door.

Right about now is when you start shaking your head and saying: “Hold up, Jules. I need money, like yesterday. Doesn’t that mean I need to attract as many people as possible to my website?”

Nope. You need to do the opposite and niche the crap down. (As sick as I am of seeing the word niche everywhere, it’s overused for a reason.)

When you can clearly picture your ideal soul mate – otherwise known as ideal client or customers – you can refine your marketing efforts in a way that will instinctively appeal to those individuals. And once you do, it’ll be such a no-brainer to them that they’ve found THEIR people (you), that they’ll want to buy whatever it is you have for sale. Ding ding ding!

– Ashley Ambirge, The Middle Finger Project

Stop promoting your website to everyone and their mama. Figure out who your target audience is so you can target your website directly to them.

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