What is a website conversion rate?

What is a website conversion rate? And why you need to track yours.
What is a website conversion rate? And why you need to track yours.

Let’s start by defining conversion. A conversion is when a visitor completes a specific action that you want them to take on your website.

Conversions can be many things depending on your website goals. It could be signing up for your newsletter, making a purchase, scheduling a consultation, or something else entirely.

For example, if your main website goal is for people to subscribe to your newsletter, each time someone does that would be a conversion. That person has been converted from a visitor to a newsletter subscriber.

What is a website conversion rate?

A website conversion rate is the number of conversions divided by the total number of visitors.

website conversion rate = number of conversions/total number of visitors

Tools like Google Analytics and ConvertKit provide statistics to determine your website conversion rates.

Website conversion rates help you track and improve your website’s performance.

Once you know the conversion rate for each of your website goals, you can optimize your website to increase conversions.

Staying with the newsletter example, let’s say your current conversion rate is 3.7%. That gives you a baseline to improve upon. Now you can test variations—location of signup forms, headlines, opt-in offers—to see which gives you the highest number of conversions.

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